Matei Birladeanu

After spending a semester abroad studying at KU Leuven in Belgium, Matei is back at Queen’s Commerce for his 4th year and to lead QBET’s 41st annual conference. Living in Oakville, ON, Matei was born and raised in Montreal. Fluent in 3 languages, his globally inclined character has sparked an interest in people, culture, technology and most recently: Marketing & Strategy.

Having had the amazing opportunity to work as a Marketing Intern for Dairy Queen, Matei is on to even sweeter things as Marketing Intern this summer for Mars in the Chocolate division.

Since his first days at Queen’s, QBET has on been on Matei’s mind. From his second month of university, Matei was an avid delegate at QBET 2014. This lead him to then become Sponsorship Coordinator in 2015, followed by Marketing Coordinator in 2016. This year, Matei is thrilled to oversee Canada’s oldest & most innovative student-run conference, ensuring utmost value for all delegates, sponsors and speakers.

Shirley Lin

After 2 incredible years on QBET, Shirley could not be more excited to lead the 2017 executive team this year! Originating from the dynamic city of Toronto, Shirley is currently in her third year of study at the Smith School of Business. Outside of all things Commerce, Shirley is extremely passionate about music, having studied Piano and Voice at the Royal Conservatory of Music for many years.

This past summer, Shirley had the incredible privilege of working with TD’s Private Wealth Management team in Toronto. With her curiosity and interest for gaining new experiences in various industries, Shirley is extremely excited to be joining IBM this summer as a Sales intern.

Shirley is confident to say that QBET’s 41st annual conference will surpass all expectations – this is an exceptional event you will not want to miss!

Kathryn McCoy

As a second generation Queen’s student, Kathryn is thrilled to be in her second year at the Smith School of Business. Her interest in current business trends lead her straight to QBET, where she was the Frosh Representative of 2015 and Special Events Coordinator of 2016. Her love for QBET continues to flourish in her role as the Logistics Director of 2017. She strives to grant all delegates the experience of a lifetime by effectively conducting all logistical details for the conference event of the year. Kathryn is sure that QBET 2017 will be the best conference yet!
Kathryn grew up in the small town of Courtice ON where she worked as a lifeguard and swimming instructor. Her passion for dance has been exemplified in her twelve years as a studio trained competitive dancer and past year spent as the Co-Outreach Director on the Queen’s Dance Club Executive Team. Characteristic of her millennial peers, Kathryn is determined to secure a career that grants sufficient work-life balance, allowing her to continue to exercise her love of dance. Kathryn aspires to pursue a career in the Finance industry, hoping to apply all that she has learned from QBET to the intricate world of business.

Nick Bernal

From Toronto, Nick is excited to be back at Queen’s for his 4th and final year, after having completed a semester abroad in France! As a tenured delegate Nick is excited to join the QBET executive for the first time, fittingly, as the Delegates Coordinator, looking to attract prominent student business leaders from across the country to take part in QBET’s 41st annual conference.
Interestingly enough, Nick was actually born in Bogota, Colombia and speaks Spanish as his first language. Nick is passionate about world events and the ongoing business landscape and so looks to pursue a career that allows him to be part of something at a global scale. Nick is also an avid soccer player, runner, and loves to travel. As a millennial, Nick’s global outlook and mindset to always continue to learn and experience new things make him unique, and he is excited to celebrate push QBET to new heights.

Taylor Cavanagh

As a passionate second year commerce student at the Smith School of Business with an interest in today’s business world, Taylor is very excited to be a part of the 41st Queen’s Conference on the Business Environment Today (QBET). Taylor was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario and aspires to return there to put her knowledge to the test and work for her family company. An interesting fact about Taylor is that she recently discovered her passion for cooking delicious, healthy, and creative meals.

Taylor is currently the QBET Marketing Director, and her former QBET positions include Logistics Director and Frosh Representative. Taylor’s main goal for QBET 2017 is to successfully market our conference in order to secure the most delegates possible. As a millennial, Taylor is unique because she is a woman. Millennial women face a significantly smaller gender wage gap than previous generations. However, the work is not done and Taylor plans to face this issue head on by advocating equal pay for equal work.

Meredith Johnson

Raised in Oakville, Ontario, Meredith followed in her dad’s footsteps by studying business and is currently in her third year of the commerce program at Queen’s University. She aims to pursue a career in Marketing and work internationally in order to achieve her goal of visiting all seven continents before she turns 30. Meredith is no stranger to QBET as this is her second year on the executive and soon-to-be her fourth year attending the conference. It is the sharing of ideas amongst a diverse group of delegates that has brought her back time and time again. In her role as Content & Promotions Coordinator, Meredith strives to engage delegates within the Queen’s community as well as across Canada and welcome them to the QBET family. Working on many social media platforms has made Meredith realize that she spends way too much time thinking of Instagram captions ultimately, proving that she is a true Millennial.

Madeline Kerkovious

Entering her third year at the Smith School of Business, Madeline is excited to take on the role of Sponsorship Director for QBET’s upcoming conference. Madeline held the role of Speakers Coordinator in 2016, and attended QBET as a delegate before that.

Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Madeline is a avid skier and horseback rider. This summer, she will be completing an internship in the Commercial and Trading Department at PetroChina Canada, Ltd. Madeline is thrilled to be working with this year’s executive team, and looks forward to attracting new, innovative sponsors to inspire delegates at QBET 2017!

Cierra Madore

From the suburban city of Pickering, Ontario, Cierra is a second year student at the Smith School of Business. Cierra holds the position of Sponsorship Coordinator on this year’s conference executive. She is excited to announce that QBET 2017 will be her first time attending the conference.

Cierra is pursuing a career in digital strategy consulting, as this aligns with her excitement for innovation and technology. Outside of business, she enjoys travelling, cooking and practicing yoga. Cierra looks forward to introducing new, disruptive companies as corporate sponsors for the 41st QBET conference.

Ben Sisokin

Originally from Oakville, Ontario, Ben is currently in his second year at the Smith School of Business. Ben currently serves as a Sponsorship Coordinator for the conference, and decided to join the QBET team after having a tremendous time at the conference as a delegate.

Ben is pursuing a career in financial services, but is passionate about all areas of business. In addition to his interest in business, Ben is passionate about sports and was the Captain of his high school's Golf and Hockey Teams. Given his interest in all areas of Business, Ben is looking forward to getting to know a vast range of Sponsors from several different industries.

Jacob Wolfe

From the green pastures of rural Stratford, Ontario, Jacob is a first year commerce student at the Smith School of Business. He is a first time member of QBET and joins the Sponsorship Team after being a delegate in 2016.

Jacob is looking to pursue a career in either consulting or accounting, but is not set on one career path as of yet. He has a passion for sports such as golf, snowboarding and squash as well as business. Jacob looks forward to bringing in interesting and cutting edge sponsors that will make QBET 2017 the best conference yet.

Evan Metelski

From the small, vibrant city of Stratford, Ontario, Evan is a second year student at the Smith School of Business. He is one of three Speaker’s Coordinators this year for QBET 2017, and is excited to bring in some of the best speakers in the country for QBET’s 41st conference! Evan is also an avid traveller and loves to visit France, where he can eat as many baguettes as he wants without getting judged. and aspires to work in consumer behaviour and brand management upon graduation. As a millennial, Evan’s strong work ethic and contagious positive attitude make him unique on his own. He looks forward to adding incredible value to the delegate experience, making QBET 2017 and unforgettable weekend!

Julia Principe

Born and raised in Toronto, Julia is a second year student at the Smith School of Business. As one of three Speaker’s Coordinators, she is excited to work with top business professionals to make QBET 2017 the best one yet!

Julia’s dream job is to tour the world as a rock star but she has also agreed to settle for a job in accounting or finance if her music debut falls short of stardom. Besides completing her homework, Julia has also featured in a high school musical promotional campaign video and has come face to face with a shark! Julia’s strong will and dedication will not only help her in escaping sharks but also help ensure QBET 2017 gives delegates a weekend to remember.

Richard Waller

All the way from the city of Halifax in charming Nova Scotia, Richard is a 4th year student focusing on marketing. He just completed an exchange at Lund University in Sweden. He is a Speakers Coordinator for QBET and is really excited to find the best speakers in Canada. He loves playing basketball, but his dream of going pro is not considered likely by anyone who has seen him play. He also enjoys travelling and skiing. His goal is to work in marketing after he graduates, but he also sees himself as an entrepreneur at some point in his life. As a millennial, Richard has a very curious mind and loves starting new projects. He is excited to watch the conference unfold and give back to this amazing experience!

Tamara Chackeris

Born and raised in Etobicoke, Tamara is thrilled to be a part of the QBET executive for the conference’s 41st year. After holding the positions of Speakers’ Coordinator and Finance Director, Tamara is excited to rejoin the team once again as Events Director. This past summer, Tamara held an internship in Sales & Trading at RBC and is looking forward to joining the Investment Banking division at Barclays for the summer of 2017. Tamara is currently on exchange at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, where she enjoys espresso and gelato multiple times a day. Tamara can’t wait to show delegates what’s in store for QBET 2017, and is confident that it will be an event you do not want to miss!

Julia Yang

Originally from Ottawa, Ontario, Julia is a first year student at the Smith School of Business. After being a part of QBET as one of the 2016 Frosh Reps, Julia is excited to serve as a Special Events Coordinator this year.

Julia’s dream job would find itself in the field of corporate law, but is currently focusing on exploring her interest in commerce. In her spare time, Julia loves playing music and spending time with friends. She looks forward to working with a group of passionate students to make QBET 2017 a conference to remember!

Umar Jamac

As a first-year student in the Smith School of Business, Umar is excited to be the Special-Events coordinator for QBET’s 41st conference. Umar is joining the events team for the first time, after delegating in the 2016th conference. As a coordinator, he is excited to work with the executive to make QBET 2017 the best conference yet.

Growing up in Etobicoke, Umar developed interest in business studied in his gap year. Umar aspires to pursue in a career either in accounting or finance. Interestingly, Umar is fluent in three languages, enjoys basketball and is developing an interest in the game of hockey. In his spare time, Umar loves to watch TV shows, his favorite shows including The Wire and The Sopranos. As a millennial, you will always see Umar in Goodes Hall wearing his earphones, enjoying to tunes from his Iphone.

Alisa Torano

Alisa was born and raised in Oakville, Ontario and it currently a first year Commerce student at Queen’s University. She was the 2016 Frosh Rep and after an amazing first conference, is excited to be back as a Special Events coordinator. Alisa is looking forward to planning events that will make the 2017 conference both engaging and a great opportunity for delegates to connect with other passionate students and business leaders.

In the future, Alisa sees herself pursuing a career in Real Estate or Marketing, although is still exploring all the opportunities a career in business has to offer. Beyond the walls of Goodes hall, Alisa is passionate about music and has played the violin since the age of 5. Alisa is excited to work alongside the rest of the QBET Exec to bring together an amazing conference for the 2017 school year.

Katelyn Harder

Originally from the real windy city, Lethbridge, Alberta, Katelyn is excited to be returning to Queen’s for her fourth year in the commerce program after spending 4 months sipping wine and studying on exchange in Bordeaux, France.

Loving all things real estate, Katelyn is co-chair for Queen’s Real Estate Association. This summer she has the fantastic opportunity to build upon her knowledge of industry as an Investments Intern for Dream Unlimited in Toronto.

Having held the positions of first year representative, special events coordinator and sponsorship coordinator the QBET veteran is back to join the team for her fourth year as finance and alumni director. She is thrilled to bring 40 years of QBET alumni together to help add value for past, present and future QBETers!

Jennifer Liu

From Mississauga, Ontario, Jenn is entering her third year at the Queen’s University Commerce program. She currently serves as the Publications and IT Officer on the QBET executive team. Jenn is inspired by the conference’s national student outreach and enriched history of 40 years.
Outside the classroom, Jenn loves to spend time with her friends or lose herself in a game of basketball. As a millennial, Jenn is constantly exploring new ways to develop her skill set in many different business industries. This summer, she will have the pleasure of joining the Nestle Canada team as a Marketing Intern. Outside the classroom, you can find her spending time with her friends, or on the basketball courts. This year, Jenn plans to help make the 41st Queen’s Conference on the Business Environment Today the best one yet!

Jacob Adams

Hailing all the way from Kamloops, B.C., Jacob is in his fourth and final year at the Smith School of Business. After being a delegate in 2014, and an executive member the past two years, Jacob is excited to be the senior advisor for QBET 2017. Jacob is set to work at Arrow Transportation upon graduating this spring in the logistics and data analysis division.

Jacob has loved being involved with QBET over the years and is so excited to see where this new exec takes QBET as it goes into its’ 41st year as a conference. Jacob might not be the most tech-savvy individual, but his “work hard, play hard” mentality makes him a fun-loving and carefree millennial.